Friday, December 19, 2014

Angkot In Bandung

Angkot In Bandung 

Public transport is a vehicle which usual used by the people are generally. In big cities or even in rural public transport now are mostly found.
Credit : TribunNews Jabar 

In Bandung, public transport commonly called angkot, Angkot is short for City Transportation. In Bandung lot of Angkot, in accordance with the route.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

East Bandung was hit by a tornado

East Bandung was hit by a tornado

Thursday, December 18, 2014. The rain and tornado occurred in eastern Bandung area. In District Cinambo, tornadoes shard destroy100 houses.

There are 60 homes were damaged. Two fallen trees and a power pole (collapse), but has not been evacuated because it was night. For a while electricity has been turned off. Besides houses of citizens, the disaster also destroyed two factories are located not far away from the area.
Credit to : Tribun Jabar 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A city park that has wifi

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Bandung is the city flower. Many parks are now facilitated with wifi. So citizens of Bandung, or tourists who vacation in Bandung not always fill the time with walking into the mall, but now can be spend the time in the park while surfing the Web cyber.

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Since Mr. Ridwan Kamil became mayor, Bandung has now changed much. Almost all urban planning now changed. Certainly change for the better. Bandung now has many functional parks. Bandung city park is no longer dirty, now we can be enjoy the cool atmosphere of the city park and can surf cyber. Thank you for your changes to the mayor of Bandung.

Mr. Ridwan Kamil has the aim to facilitate the city park with wifi is for the advancement of Bandung citizens in order to be smart and intelligent people, appropriate with the tagline is #BANDUNGJUARA.
Mr. Ridwan Kamil 

23 Desember 2014. i cant wait

December 23, 2014 will be a very special date for me. At that date I will be in the finals. Alhamdulillah, I struggle for almost 4 years and it is fruitless so make me proud. yes, I am proud of myself, allow me proud of myself?

My journey for almost 4 years this is not always well, many obstacles and challenges that must be experienced. Sacrifices were taking part in this achievement. And alhamdulillah, the prayers of the parents and the grace of Allah I could get through it well.

From the start of college, came home from work evenings, directly doing the coursework while other people sleep. However it is done with a happy heart and sincere. And this is my time to reap what I planted.

There are several things that must be done that achieve our goals well.

1. The intention, start with good intentions and I am sure once the results will be better.
2. Prayer, prayer is something that must be done to achieve a goal. Multiply pray and wait what you want to achieve.
3. Effort, trying is part of achieving success.
4. Determination, strong determination is also the beginning of success.

So, let's try, pray, and determination to achieve satisfactory results.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Traditional food from Bandung

Traditional food from Bandung

Bandung now increasingly famous for culinary tourism. Almost every week night culinary event held every district. Since Mr. Ridwan Kamil has a mayor, Bandung lot of changes, especially in urban planning. But I will not tell you about the changes the arrangement of the city, I want to tell you about a culinary tour of concern to the guests.

Culinary destination that is often held every night this district is to lift the traditional foods that have started forgotten. with culinary  night, now traditional foods have a high value. because the food is tasty and delicious traditional.

There are some traditional food that I think is very tasty and worth once tried, including:
  1. Surabi, foods made from rice flour that is baked and sprinkled with oncom.
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About Rain

About Rain

Rain is a gift from Allah, the water coming down from the sky I always longed for. Because of the rain I could weep between the raindrops without anyone to know that I was crying.

Uh, that I did in the past, when I was a teenager and while still unstable. In the past I've felt the rain missed period, and almost every day I need rain to hide cries. Funny as hell if I have to remember again the memories. And every raining I sometimes miss those days.
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Monday, December 1, 2014

I Love Meatballs

Who likes meatballs?

Meatballs is one of my favorite meals, meatballs made of beef or chicken. Usually meatballs served with noodles, rice noodles or bean sprouts. In addition to the secret seasonings added, would also be delicious meatballs if coupled with sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce and vinegar. Taste better if eaten in times of rain.

Meatballs without noddles , this pic taken from

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Loves my hobby

Since I joined the community and get to know some friends bloggers, my life changed drastically. It's too much? Of course not, because it's my total writing world has changed since I came to know the community and bloggers. 

The changes I feel strongly I enjoy. How not, previously I wrote just for hobby and doesn't care about anyone read it or not. Now I could write and produce something, indeed still be loose change but very grateful for me with a vengeance. Here's my fortune. writing is not a hobby that carelessly. This hobby can make me be calm and enjoy every word my sets into a sentence.

Writing is what you have in mind, write and keep writing.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A woman's heart

when the wound is gaping and hard heart began to shut down and forgotten, what should be done? Should we close the wound without cure?
naturally indeed, the human heart sometimes hurt and fragile, especially a woman's heart. Softness that a woman sometimes make her hard to forget the things that hurt them. But as a human being that Allah Ta'ala has given sense and mind as well as a sense of forgiveness, then we as women should forgive and forget all the things that hurt.

Let us be forgiving human being, who could forget the mistakes of others and be aware of the mistakes yourself, because then life would be more fun and peace will be felt. Her kind woman is a woman who has never held a grudge in his heart, as a great woman is a woman who always forgive.

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May Allah SWT always bestow His mercy and grace to us all. Yaa Aamiin Rabbalalamiin

Monday, June 30, 2014

achieve your dream

Do you have a dream deep in your heart that you want to pursue? If you do, have you taken the first step necessary to achieve it? Taking the first step is perhaps the most difficult thing to do in achieving a dream. There are a lot of mental obstacles that make it difficult to take that first step.
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Here are some dont’s to help you solve the mental obstacles:
  1. Don’t wait until the situation is perfect.
    You should not wait until the situation is perfect because the situation will never be perfect. No matter how or when you see it, there will always be something that make you think again.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

prepare for Ramadhan

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O you who believe! Observing al-sawm (the fasting) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become al-muttaqoon (the pious).
(Qur’an al-Baqarah 2:183)

As the beautiful month of Ramadan approaches this year, there are several things Muslim women can do to prepare themselves spiritually and physically for the month-long period of fasting which is obligatory upon all able-bodied Muslims who have reached the age of maturity.

Giving some thought to the unique concerns that Muslim women face during this month can help us prepare for them and make the month a more successful one. This is especially true for new converts to Islam (because Ramadan is such a new experience) and for married women in general because of the extra responsibility they typically have to make sure that the iftar (the fast-breaking meal served at sunset each day) is ready on time for their families and any guests in addition to continuing to take care of the home, children and other obligations as usual. It is crucial, then, that women take the time to plan for their sleep, health and other concerns before the month even starts.
It is recommended for Muslims to eat a pre-dawn meal (called sahoor in Arabic) each day before the fast begins. The Prophet, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, is reported by Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) to have said,
"Eat a pre-dawn meal for there are blessings in it." (Bukhari and Muslim)
Other traditions report the Prophet (peace be upon him) as saying,
"You should eat [the] pre-dawn meal for it is a blessed nourishment" (an-Nasa'i),

Sunday, May 4, 2014

20 Critical Things You Should Never Tolerate

Have you ever felt like you’ve been settling for less—like you deserve better? Well, you don’t have to settle for less than you deserve. You can determine from today to not tolerate things that bring you down or suck the life out of you. After all, our time in this world is limited. You only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough. Stop tolerating these 20 critical things, starting now, to live a full, more meaningful life.

1. Abusive relationships

Never tolerate an abusive relationship. The most telling sign that you are in an abusive relationship is fear of your partner. If you have experienced or seen consistent signs of physical, emotional or sexual abuse from your partner, it is high time you escaped. Healthy relationships equal respect and trust.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ways to Love Your Husband

In response to many inquiries we’ve received, here are a few creative ways I’ve discovered to intentionally and authentically love my husband. They aren’t the end all be all, but my hope is that they will help spur other creative ideas, as well as remind us, as wives, how our words and actions can inhibit or spur on our husbands.
Intentionality, creativity, consistency and sincerity – you can’t go wrong shooting for these.

1. Love letters:

Monday, April 28, 2014

be a blogger

writing is a matter of pride for me, indeed I am not a paid writer or a novelist or scriptwriter commonly published in magazines or newspapers, I'm just a blogger. although only the status of bloggers, happy that I could just feel alone. proud? yes I am proud to be a blogger.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I believe the heart is the center of all vital organs of our body. Did you know that even without breathing as long as your heart is still working/beating, you have a chance to live? But my real query is, why the heart is associated as a the sign/symbol of Love? Why not any other sign or body parts?
When I first heard this question from my friend. It really made me wonder. And according to some historians, the heart-shaped symbol that represents love and adoration has been here since the existence of man.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Trying Natural Masks for acne

Acne medications are one way to prevent breakouts, but they come with other side effects including dry skin, discoloration, and irritation/sensitivity at the problem area. Besides the numerous side effects chemical treatments have on your skin, they are expensive. Stick with mother nature and save some money at the same time by trying home remedies using natural ingredients to get rid of your acne.

Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Truths Women Have to Learn the Hard Way

1. You have a good girl and a bad girl inside you, and the good girl is usually the one who gets you into trouble.

The good girl waits to be called on. She takes no for an answer. She doesn't want to disturb anyone. She carries maturity and good citizenship to the point of paralysis. She holds herself in check, tells herself, "Don't you dare." The bad girl dares. The bad girl shocks me,

20 Ways to Make Her Fall in Love

Anyone who’s experienced heartbreak knows that there’s no magic formula for making someone fall in love with you. (Or in some cases, back in love with you). However, you can up your chances of making that special lady swoon by following a few of these simple tips.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

English Day

Every Thursday, in Bandung  is always devoted the English language. The new regulations were made ​​by Mr. Ridwan Kamil. 

i think ... this rule is very good, getting used to the english language , may not be well should be, dont u think? 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The figures give even just overnight

I was born as the first child of my three younger brothers. having siblings is a very beautiful thing, but it would have been wonderful if I had a sister or brother. I do not have a sister, and I really wanted an older sister figure in my life.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

funny story about us

a little curious when looking at the status of a friend who said "I'm pregnant", huh? Really? pregnant without being married? and finally I will launch the comments on her status. And hope that he is just being silly with her status.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

so closer with CT

who does not know Clint Moffatt? ah of course all know who the handsome man named Clinton Thomas John Moffatt.

That's right. He is Clint or CT, Bas player in The moffatts. let's get to know closer clint ...

Monday, January 20, 2014

This flood, who is wrong?

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Indonesia was given the continuous rain. hopefully no flooding and flooding may subside. Floods in Jakarta which was a warm conversation.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

how should the fans have to act?

has the idol? definitely

How do we love to our idol?

as fans of The moffatts, I also have to respect their private lives. It's supposed to be like that right? But sometimes we like to forget that they have a life that does not need to know.

just write

For a long time not update this blog, busy? ah not too. I was just lazy, hahah.
OK, now let's get rid of all the lazy feelings that have claimed my soul. Before proceeding with this article, let's take a deep breath and start writing.

Scott moffatt here.....

Scott Moffatt was born in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada on March 30, 1983. When Scott was five years old and living in Victoria, BC he performed in a Tommy Toys commercial and earned $1,000.