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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

English Day

Every Thursday, in Bandung  is always devoted the English language. The new regulations were made ​​by Mr. Ridwan Kamil. 

i think ... this rule is very good, getting used to the english language , may not be well should be, dont u think? 

despite the fact that my english is still very messy and not good. But the confidence and desire to learn that makes me desperate to make this English blog. Am I impressed force myself? But that's always been proud of my self,, ahahaha everyone can, but why can not I? That inducement emotions in my life. i loooove being me..... 

Okay let's get back to the initial discussion about the english day. Actually english day is indispensable for everyone who wants to be fluent in English, including me. Even if I wanted to in the office where I work is required to speak English, it would provoke us to be able to speak English. Because usually we're used to if forced * I mean: my own *

So get used to the English language was good anyway, so we'll get used to and so great English-speaking. 

So first of a short story about my english day .. sorry if a lot of flaws ...


Marwah's mom 

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