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Monday, February 18, 2019

February 18, 2019

The Advantage of Having Oily Skin

Hallo good people. 

Who has oily skin type?

Have oily skin, sometimes it really annoying, the skin is already oily like an oil refinery, especially if it's overheated, I'm sorry. And then the type of oily skin is also the face as if it looks dull and pimples like to appear on the skin area, resentful. This type of oily skin is very friendly with acne and dullness, plus if the make up likes to last long, aka fast-paced, it's hard to want a dewy look or want to look matte look, just wish, hiks. Oh its really make me sad guys. 

Oily skin is said to be caused by sebaceous glands in the skin that are too active, and there are other triggers, such as hormonal changes, stress and genetic factors. If you just like to like it, oil is everywhere, huh!

But yeah, even though they have oily skin types, it turns out there are lots of good and good benefits that have oily skin, including:

Become more youthful
The facial skin that produces natural oil is called sebum. Well guys, this sebum is what helps maintain the skin so that its elasticity is maintained. Sebum also has the power to maintain elasticity because sebum is also part of natural anti aging. So how come, the production of sebum on the facial skin can also make the face become more supple and look youthful.

There is even a study in Japan if it is not wrong to mention that having oily skin type is proven to inhibit the aging process plus it also prevents wrinkles, especially in the eyes and forehead.

Oil, protects the skin
Friends - friends already know yet that excess oil can block dust or dirt - dirt into the skin carried by the air. So it can reduce the risk of skin disease. At least not bad guys can reduce, but do not forget or lazy to wash your face, guys, do not stretch out - the excess oil can be a skin protector instead of lazy to wash your face, as a result the skin becomes dull matchless.

Makes the skin more moist
The oil on the skin is actually a natural moisturizer. Able to help the face from the adverse effects of sun exposure that makes the face dull and dark. Sunlight can also make skin feel drier, but if there is natural oil, this dryness does not need to be considered.

Protect skin from dehydration
Already know, if dehydration is a bad effect for health. Excessive sebum is effective in reducing the negative effects of skin dehydration. Sebun is able to control the water content in the skin of the face and ensure that the skin really has enough fluid.

Those are gangs, some of the advantages of having oily skin types. Not bad, so it's a little happy because it's not always greasy. Eh, but as we get older, oil production decreases by itself, and in the age of 30 it can only taste, the skin does feel more supple and it is a bit younger, guys, I'm happy. 

oiya if you want to check - check out the updated skincare review and can be a reference for oily skin, just surf in Female Daily, right? There is really complete plus the same testimonials, so I don't hesitate to buy skincare products.

You can read in indonesian languange at my another blog

With Love, 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

March 23, 2017

Women Behind The Moffatts

Behind the success of a man there are women who support it. Likewise with my favorite band, The Moffatts. They now have a partner. 

Look at the farewell tour a month ago,there were three beautiful women with them. They are Amanda Zieschang Moffatt, Bob's wife. Iris, Scott's GF and Sydney, or more familiarly called Syd is Clint's GF and she was pregnant now.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 22, 2017

The Moffatts like Indonesian Food

The Moffatts love Indonesian food. After a concert in Jakarta, they went on holiday to Bali. Although they held a concert after a vacation back in Bali and Singapore. The Moffatts, before they are invited to Bali to one TV station jakarta, and they taste the cuisine of Indonesia. 

And they were like. Scott tried Pecel Ayam, said there is his bean sauce, and in Thailand Scott never eaten peanut sauce like this too, hmmm seems like Scott is like at Thailand. Then Clint, he tasted the chili paste, haha ​​and Clint says it spicy. But then Clint tried the fried tofu. 

Bob, she tried the meatballs and unique expression once when Bob asked him what it was meatballs. The meatballs that Bob tried to complete with sprouts and noodles. And it seems they love Indonesian food. 

During a vacation in Bali, they visited several places, including rice fields. Scott looks thrilled when he saw a hut located in the paddies. Scott also looks hilarious when he enjoyed the SALAK. 

Hopefully next time may go to Indonesia again yes and enjoy all Indonesian cuisine. The Moffatts probably should try to eat nasi padang.

March 22, 2017

The Moffatts Farewell Tour Jakarta 2017

One month passed, that was fast. Last month, I watched The Moffatts concert in Jakarta, recalled childhood. February 2017, The Moffatts held a farewell tour in the Philippines and Indonesia, ah I am very happy because Indonesia is a country of choice The Moffatts for a concert. 

On February 18 farewell tour was held in the Philippines, a very cool concert after almost 17 years they do not hold concerts. Enough nostalgia treat us as fans of The Moffatts. 19 and February 20, 2017 they held a concert in HardRock Cafe Jakarta. 

A concert that very treat our longing to The Moffatts music. Scott, Bob and Clint still look cool when playing music, although there is a sense of sadness because Dave could not go along with his older brothers. Indeed, this concert titled FAREWELL but we hope this is a beginning of the return of The Moffatts.

As The Moffatts fans already since 2008, hoping they could return to The Moffatts coolest band and sang songs as they were before.

Physically they had been changed, probably because of age. But believe they perform in music still cool and still the same as before. Their voices were still melodious as ever. 

Thank you already hold a concert Already We miss the long time.

I will always support all of you music career, Scott, Clint, Bob and Dave.

See you at the next concert.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11, 2016

let's write a blog

Hello, good morning everyone.

How are you?

sorry, my blog is old does not update. Actually a lot of ideas on the head is wanting poured into writing, but the blog is specifically English so yes it's rather difficult to pour. I'm not too fluent in English, it is still in a learning phase, but already confident really yes for making English blog? Hahaa, sorry.

Blog world is rising yes, almost all the information obtained from the bloggers. What kind of information would have been reviewed by bloggers, both locally and internationally. Yes so cool blogger.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30, 2015

Dont Block LOVE

Never squeeze the longs so that will never go away
Hold tight he gently in order to stay afloat
Don't curb love so strong
Let searching for his own heart

Let your love flow like water
Airs like a cloud
Let it find its owners naturally
Because love is never wrong

Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

How to make a blog as a money machine?

It seems like the writing on the blog is already a part of the spread of news as well.Indeed, many because of several large companies use the services of a blogger to promote their products or even just to just preach it.

So, blogs can be used as a tool for making money, seriously. I have several blogs and just focus on one only, it means that my money machine is only one blog. So I have to be more enterprising update and post all my blogs to raise traffic and make money, is it fun all blogs can make money.