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Monday, April 28, 2014

be a blogger

writing is a matter of pride for me, indeed I am not a paid writer or a novelist or scriptwriter commonly published in magazines or newspapers, I'm just a blogger. although only the status of bloggers, happy that I could just feel alone. proud? yes I am proud to be a blogger.

through blogs, I can express feelings, give a review about product that I use and I think it's great, even though I wrote it all free, but I am happy.

many advantages of being a blogger, although not benefit materially. The advantage is : 

1. Has many friends
2. has a wide network, because we have lot of friends. Automatic network for give an idea to write more, is'nt it? 

since I entered a community and get to know more bloggers, many positive things that I can feel, I can feel them how to be invited together with other media, attended the gathering felt cool and a lot of other positive things that I can feel, and I am very happy.


  1. I'm a newbie blogger, it doesnt't take much time to feel those adventages of being a blogger.. You're right :) it's nice to have many friends and have a wide network.. Happy blogging...

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