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Sunday, October 20, 2013


This story begins with my love for the moffatts, well they are the one who introduced me to a friend - a friend who was very pleasant.introductions took place in a social network, friends of my own country Indonesia, from the love of the moffatts now yielded extraordinary friendship. Not just a friend of Indonesia, but also from other countries I have. Well how lucky I was, to learn English while also chatting with them. 

Okay, at this point I am going to tell you about the friendship of three cities which brought together through our love for The moffatts. I know indriani rahman and listya Dewi  of facebook with the keyword moffatts. From there we became friends even though we've never met, but the proximity of our hearts more closely from day to day. It seems almost perfect to know them in my life, I never had a sister, and now I have one she is kak indri, I do not have a sister and now I have one she is Dewi. Thanks for being my friend, my sister .. u know how much i love you both.... im so in love with u both :)

Thanks for the moffatts because your existence that we confront as 3 friends and 3 sisters also. 

Happy bday kak indrie ,, and finally your dream came true,,clint say happy bday for you,, its so amazing for you,right?


  1. Wow, Moffats. It's bring me step back few years behind. Seem i miss my friend,crazy a lot. Miss my time when i still young (though i'am not that old right now)

    1. thanks for visit my blog teh Efi.. hihi sorry bahasa inggrisnya masih aneh .. hihihi waaaah kalau ada teman teh Efi yang fans The moffatts juga feel free to share indonesia cinta the moffatts to them :) ...


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