book reviews "Forgive Me" (how to raise an amazing children)

October 26, 2013

I will try to review books written by frank Moffatt and translated by yuni astuti. book written based on the experience in the care of THE MOFFATTS. 

Book title        : Forgive Me (How to raise an amazing children)
             : Frank Moffatt
        : Yuni Astusi
         : PT. Elex Media Komputindo
Year of issue
   : 2012
Thick book
      : 285 pages
                    : 143130333
               : 978-602-02-0648-6

 Being a parent according to Frank Moffatt like a wild roller coaster ride moment. Frank Moffatt past often get praise and pride of the people for its success has successfully led four children (THE MOFFATTS) became a superstar, but deep in his heart to have a child that is not the superstar he recalled memories, but there are some memories he missed is that childrens.Played ice skating, go fishing, play hide and seek. Turns THE MOFFATTS have the same childhood ya with the other children.

Being a parent is learning from trial and error or try to - try. Most of us learn to be a parent to absorb what we see and what we experience in our lives. Parents do not the - only person who should take responsibility for educating children. In the course of children's lives - children will learn from other factors, such as relatives, teachers, friends and the environment and things that affect them.
book cover

The moffatts raised by Frank Moffatt (father), Darlana (mother), Sheila (stepmother), they feel as parents job is never finished until THE MOFFATTS now even adults. Frank Moffatt experience of preparing for the birth scott, containing Darlana pregnancy Triplet (Bob, clint and dave) also described here. And it makes us know what kind of parenting Frank Moffatt apply to THE MOFFATTS so that they can be Superstar. Certainly not as smooth as we Think, many lessons can we take from this book Forgive Me, a lot.

In this book Frank Moffatt also provides 12 basic principles of goodness which is a guide to build a foundation for parents and children. Providing education / solid principles so that they (children) have a foundation that they can apply in whole asoek lives and make them personal to overcome problems in life because they already have a strong foundation and Frank stated that was the key.
Principle - the principle is:
1. honesty
2. confidence
3. courage
4. commitment
5. humility
6. respect
7. hope
8. awareness
9. accountability
10. patience
11. generosity
12. forgive
For more information on this please 12 principles soon have his

In this book is the story of Frank Moffatt experience to raise his four children. How does Frank have a situation with positive and negative attitudes. How do  choose which Frank might be an example for their children or even otherwise harm them. If you are aware of the actions and behaviors you as parents and children to hurt you, then stop!!. 

A lot of knowledge and lessons learned from this book. Want to know also how dave declared himself gay and how Frank Moffatt address the child sexual divergence? Frank Moffatt received wisdom deviations made ​​Dave an example for parents who nevertheless we have accepted the situation of children with all my heart, because after children remains our children, our responsibility.
This book is worth the read by a young couple who have and have had children. Because not to take action - action that hurt yourself and children in child-rearing. Lead children with positive guidance and productive is the secret of raising children.
message from DAD FRANK for me .. thanks dad
There are many exciting stories about parenting THE MOFFATTS, changes in the elderly appeared to have a significant influence. In this book there is also a letter from Frank moffatts as Scott's father, Bob, Clint and Dave for them.

thanks to Dad Frank Frank Moffatt and Kak Yuni astuti for allowing me to make this reviewer

bob and clint

thank you for reading my review, sorry if many things go wrong, because I am still learning to write. plans after this book I will review the book YOUR SECOND FIFTY .. so wait yaaa 

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