Traditional food from Bandung

December 16, 2014

Traditional food from Bandung

Bandung now increasingly famous for culinary tourism. Almost every week night culinary event held every district. Since Mr. Ridwan Kamil has a mayor, Bandung lot of changes, especially in urban planning. But I will not tell you about the changes the arrangement of the city, I want to tell you about a culinary tour of concern to the guests.

Culinary destination that is often held every night this district is to lift the traditional foods that have started forgotten. with culinary  night, now traditional foods have a high value. because the food is tasty and delicious traditional.

There are some traditional food that I think is very tasty and worth once tried, including:
  1. Surabi, foods made from rice flour that is baked and sprinkled with oncom.
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2. Mie Kocok , noodles with sauce and seasoning, add the beef kikil will make it more delicious food.

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3. Peuyeum, food made from cassava is already in fermentation, better if made into colenak.
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And more traditional food that tastes delicious. I will post later.

bon appetite

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