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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Women Behind The Moffatts

Behind the success of a man there are women who support it. Likewise with my favorite band, The Moffatts. They now have a partner. 

Look at the farewell tour a month ago,there were three beautiful women with them. They are Amanda Zieschang Moffatt, Bob's wife. Iris, Scott's GF and Sydney, or more familiarly called Syd is Clint's GF and she was pregnant now.

Well, Clint will soon become a father, while Scott, Dave and Bob will be an uncle, congratulations. 

I am interested with Clint GF, Sydney McGovern. I am actively looking at his youtube and it turns out she is a singer as well. Her voice was cool and also tunable. her music is nice to listen . In addition, Syd also a Vlogger, she made a video about how to make a simple make up. Syd is also blogger, lifestyle blogger. 

Iris, she is also a singer. What I like about Iris she is a drummer. Iris was very friendly and always smiling. Success is always yes Iris.

 Amanda also friendly and fun. But I do not know more about Amanda although admittedly I was a big fan of her husband. Hopefully Amanda and Bob soon had children, Aamiin.

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