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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

let's write a blog

Hello, good morning everyone.

How are you?

sorry, my blog is old does not update. Actually a lot of ideas on the head is wanting poured into writing, but the blog is specifically English so yes it's rather difficult to pour. I'm not too fluent in English, it is still in a learning phase, but already confident really yes for making English blog? Hahaa, sorry.

Blog world is rising yes, almost all the information obtained from the bloggers. What kind of information would have been reviewed by bloggers, both locally and internationally. Yes so cool blogger.

This picture taken from : 
In a word cool, bloggers also have things that are not good in terms of attitude. Many bloggers who feel they cool and intense that they underestimated the other bloggers. But yes please just ignore the bloggers like it, certainly I would like to become a blogger yes because I love writing and narcissistic in writing, haha ​​that's it.

For me, writing a blog was a kind of satisfaction. Although my writing is far from great, but I'm confident and satisfied that I was able to share information.

Eh do exist that read my blog ??? Hahaa, I do not know. But I will always write and write, because then I will discover who I am. It was a quote from the founder KEB, mak Mira Sahid.

Writing a blog is not about payment or material. write a blog for me the problem of mind and attitude. As an imperative that if I didn't do. 

Let reaching out the world by writing. 

See you in the next post.


  1. Quite so. Perfection is for dreamers, progress is for doers. So, just keep doing it! :) Cheers!

    1. Thank for visiting my blog KutuKamus :)



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