Angkot In Bandung

December 19, 2014

Angkot In Bandung 

Public transport is a vehicle which usual used by the people are generally. In big cities or even in rural public transport now are mostly found.
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In Bandung, public transport commonly called angkot, Angkot is short for City Transportation. In Bandung lot of Angkot, in accordance with the route.

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This city transport has only origin and destination names on top. Sometimes with via description if there are more than one angkot route for a certain origin-destination route. There is no route description anywhere. For locals, it is somewhat amazing that they only memorize where and how the route of each angkot route.
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Although there is an official price for angkot from organda (the local organization of these private city transport), sometimes price is based on how far you travel. It's better that you ask the driver or kernet (driver assistance) about the price to go to a location. To ask for an angkot to stop and pick you up, just raise your hand and they will stop. When you're inside and want to stop, just ask the kernet to stop. Or say 'kiri' (key-reey) or simply 'stop' out loud. It was easy to find a bell that you can press to stop but not anymore. Most angkot fare are ranging from 4000 - 5000  rupiah (about 25 cents USD) depends on the route and distance. 

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Angkot Hello kitty 

Exciting get around the city of Bandung with an Angkot and also reduces the city traffic. For travelers who want to spend vacation time in Bandung, Let use an Angkot.

And now, at Bandung already an Angkot which uses wifi facilities, already LCD televisions and power plugs for charging mobile phones. And also has cctv. Thats cool... 

Welcome to spend vacation time in Bandung, please keep always our city.

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  1. I'm a regular angkot user, and pretty much burdened with the new fee and how the drivers keep complaining about the passengers attitude (pay less) yet they would't try to be on time huff... And I've just noticed recently there's new method of crime: cutting women's long hair.

    1. increase in the cost and time it becomes a problem that must be addressed immediately, behavior of the driver also has a big impact huh?

      Yes cutting long hair on a woman is scary ...


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