East Bandung was hit by a tornado

December 18, 2014

East Bandung was hit by a tornado

Thursday, December 18, 2014. The rain and tornado occurred in eastern Bandung area. In District Cinambo, tornadoes shard destroy100 houses.

There are 60 homes were damaged. Two fallen trees and a power pole (collapse), but has not been evacuated because it was night. For a while electricity has been turned off. Besides houses of citizens, the disaster also destroyed two factories are located not far away from the area.
Credit to : Tribun Jabar 

Many fallen trees, semi-permanent buildings that collapsed. So traffic jam wasnt inevitable.
From the citizen report winds coming from the west towards the east suddenly lunged home's around.
Credit : sindonews.com
Credit : Sindonews.com

Tornado twisting in the wind about 10 minutes.

Some of the buildings in campus of UIN Cibiru reportedly exposed to sweep of a tornado, even a library roof of UIN reportedly crushed. Have not reported any fatalities in this incident. Hopefully there were no casualties. Aamiin.

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