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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A city park that has wifi

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Bandung is the city flower. Many parks are now facilitated with wifi. So citizens of Bandung, or tourists who vacation in Bandung not always fill the time with walking into the mall, but now can be spend the time in the park while surfing the Web cyber.

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Since Mr. Ridwan Kamil became mayor, Bandung has now changed much. Almost all urban planning now changed. Certainly change for the better. Bandung now has many functional parks. Bandung city park is no longer dirty, now we can be enjoy the cool atmosphere of the city park and can surf cyber. Thank you for your changes to the mayor of Bandung.

Mr. Ridwan Kamil has the aim to facilitate the city park with wifi is for the advancement of Bandung citizens in order to be smart and intelligent people, appropriate with the tagline is #BANDUNGJUARA.
Mr. Ridwan Kamil 

For the visitors city parks there are some things that must be considered. one of which is to maintain the cleanliness of the city the park with not littering, should not damage the city parks and should not take what is already there the park. So, the city parks will always be maintained.

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