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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The figures give even just overnight

I was born as the first child of my three younger brothers. having siblings is a very beautiful thing, but it would have been wonderful if I had a sister or brother. I do not have a sister, and I really wanted an older sister figure in my life.

Sometimes I wanted to protest, why I do not have a sister??? So to whom should I complain and exchange ideas?
Yaa Allah ... I ask you,, send sister figure I can make a place to complain, even though I know only a servant of Allah SWT place to complain. I tired to face all of life's burdens, I want to lean back for a moment and tell someone, but who
 live load is very heavy for me, so I need a backrest.

I'm tired .. I'm tired .. I'm bored. I want to stop it for a second breath .. Can i ?

I just want like those who have older sisters, played together, shopping together, crying and laughing together. beautiful .. But what I think? I'm alone and I can only tell you Yaa Allah 

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