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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

how should the fans have to act?

has the idol? definitely

How do we love to our idol?

as fans of The moffatts, I also have to respect their private lives. It's supposed to be like that right? But sometimes we like to forget that they have a life that does not need to know.

how should we be a good fan, who remained faithful to support their idol .. I'll give you a few tips here and hopefully useful.

1. love sincerely

As a fan, of course we started with the feeling of love for our idol, right? Try to cultivate sincerity underlying love it. Idol loves us with all that there is in him, not love as fans crazy.

2. appreciates his personal  
 they have a life of its own that does not always have to be published, now our job is enough to respect their privacy.

3. acting naturally
madness fans much to trigger the dissolution of the band, and it was true. plenty of fans who act anarchic and unreasonable.Acting was naturally just do not overdo it and do not be too over. 
4. always respect other fans
most fans felt he was the most loved idol, feel most know and feel closest. But apparently a lot of other fans who have more knowledge than us, appreciate and accept. Do not be arrogant, jealous and spiteful. It must be realized that the idol belongs to all fans.
I wrote a few tips that hopefully can be useful. thank you already want to read :) ...   


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