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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

so closer with CT

who does not know Clint Moffatt? ah of course all know who the handsome man named Clinton Thomas John Moffatt.

That's right. He is Clint or CT, Bas player in The moffatts. let's get to know closer clint ...


Clinton Thomas John Moffatt
Born: March 8, 1984
Nick name: C.T ( After Clinton Tomas)
Favorite Actor: Jim Carrey
Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore
Books: Science-fiction ( I'm gonna try to find out like what one's...)
Favorite Band: The Beatles
Singers: Bryan Adams , Huey Lewis & Daniel Johns ( Silver chair)
Favorite Past-Times: Football, soccer, swimming, fishing, golfing
Personal Goals: "To become the best musician I can be."
Favorite Movies: Ace Ventura, Pet Detective basically anything with Jim Carrey in it...
Favorite Album: Reckless (Bryan Adams)
Favorite Song: Heaven (Bryan Adams
Favorite Song On Chapter 1: Say'n I Love U
Favorite Food: Mexican & anythin' hot'n spicey (like me j/k)
Favorite Holiday Location: Destin, Florida
Favorite Color: black, dark blue
Favorite car : Dodge Viper
fave visiting spot: Lisbon Portugal
moffatt personality: the organizer
spice name: Groov'n
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbs (pounds)*cutie*
Tv shows: Family Matters (I like it too),ESPN sports
Girl: "... a good Personality, funny and very out going."
Personality: the "outgoing" moffatt bro... did you know that..... - he's also right handed.

- his goal is "To BeCoMe ThE BeSt MuSiCiAn I CaN Be" &"To SeLL A lOt Of ReCoRdS"

- he likes fishing , golfing & go carts (how cute)

- he's said to be shy but sweet .

- The only thing he can cook it eggs (yuck)

- his first date went like this dinner movie and ice cream ( sounds good to me )

- like's everything about himself ( and alot of girls do to ) "... this is the way I came." 
Now, together with his twin clint incorporated into the country duo named LIKE Strangers...

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