A woman's heart

July 17, 2014

when the wound is gaping and hard heart began to shut down and forgotten, what should be done? Should we close the wound without cure?
naturally indeed, the human heart sometimes hurt and fragile, especially a woman's heart. Softness that a woman sometimes make her hard to forget the things that hurt them. But as a human being that Allah Ta'ala has given sense and mind as well as a sense of forgiveness, then we as women should forgive and forget all the things that hurt.

Let us be forgiving human being, who could forget the mistakes of others and be aware of the mistakes yourself, because then life would be more fun and peace will be felt. Her kind woman is a woman who has never held a grudge in his heart, as a great woman is a woman who always forgive.

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May Allah SWT always bestow His mercy and grace to us all. Yaa Aamiin Rabbalalamiin

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