Scott With His New Song

June 21, 2015

Scott Moffatt is currently releasing his latest song "whenever never" independently.

Scott and his two brothers, Clint and Bob are editing and directing her own video "whenever" never ". This video tells the story of a man who was trying to survive.Finally managed to find the beauty between fear and fight it.

By 2015, this song has been played in several countries such as Argentina and Chileand the plan will be to the East coast of Canada as well as with his friend landfork. Nowyou guys can download Scott on itunes or spotify and can also be seen on youtube orvimeo.

Try you entered the name of Scott with the title song of his latest "whenever" never"will then direct the video appeared on youtube.

I hope one day Scott will release albums and concerts in Indonesia, yeay.

U can klik this for more info about Scott 

Written by : Tian lustiana

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