Now I am a fan of Korean drama

June 29, 2015

For a long time I didnt update this blog . Because I was trying to focus on other personal blog . Supposedly even though I was busy on other blogs still have to be able to write this blog as well , huh yet how I will set up time , work time , writing , parenting and other daily tasks . Busy but fun .

There is one of my new habit , watching Korean dramas . In the beginning I tried with all my soul not to watch Korean dramas , because it doesnt like . But after watching emergency couple , starring Choi Jin Hyuk , I even so want to watch again . Until finally there was a Korean drama that I was destined to become fans of Jang Hyuk , funny and weird i guess. 

Korean drama Fated to love you is a drama that made ​​me fall in love with Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara . I think they both have the power of love in playing the role , harmonious . Lee Gun figure played by Jang Hyuk really touched , proud attitude behind it turns out there is a very soft heart and full of love . While Jang Nara , who plays the good-hearted girl who then lives happily with her ​​husband , Lee Gun .

Now I was dedicating myself as fans of Jang Hyuk . I 've been watching a Korean drama starring Jang Hyuk and his films . Jang Hyuk some Korean dramas I've watched is Old good bye , thank you , shine or go crazy and his movie I just finished innocent thing. 

From now on I will try to continue writing on this blog , hopefully I can do it .

See you on my next posting :) 

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