How to make a blog as a money machine?

June 29, 2015

It seems like the writing on the blog is already a part of the spread of news as well.Indeed, many because of several large companies use the services of a blogger to promote their products or even just to just preach it.

So, blogs can be used as a tool for making money, seriously. I have several blogs and just focus on one only, it means that my money machine is only one blog. So I have to be more enterprising update and post all my blogs to raise traffic and make money, is it fun all blogs can make money.

The first required is to have a blog.
After you have a blog then it's time to write something on the blog, trying raising blog traffic. Raise the blog traffic can be done with many ways, one of which isspreading the comments on the blogs of others and hope they will come back to visitour blog. Do activity in social media on a regular basis. Share our blog posts on social media.
That way, people will know that we've got blog.

Often posts with interesting theme so that others interested in reading and visit our blog.

Because by writing we can embrace the world.

See you in the next post.

With love

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