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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

there is no appropriate title

Hallo .... 

I learned to writting blog with english, writing blog with english it was hard at all. Maybe because I am not quite understand the English language so difficult.

For me writing it was a hobby, a hobby that I always do when I'm sad, happy even when I am angry though certainly I write.

in this life, there is always something interesting to make posts. Whether it's feeling happy, sad or angry. Make me write down all the thoughts that occur are certain satisfaction. I have a beautiful life, but sometimes not so wonderful for me, yaa maybe because all humans have a life that can go up and down.
Although life is always changing, sometimes up and sometimes down, but we should always be grateful for all the happy life there must be a point .. right????? 

I always learned to be grateful every side of life. And I'm very proud of myself, because I have a very precious family, I have a husband and daughter were very proud. so much less that I was not thankful for????...

This is my first article that uses the English language, yet brave lot. But I will always be learning and studying :)..


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