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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

little notes from me

did u know THE MOFFATTS???
definitely knew and know about the phenomenal band that debuted at that year.

For me the existence of the moffatts this has a very big part to my life. I so want to learn English from the lyrics of their songs, have a lot of friends who love them too. And now even though I was married and had a daughter, I still love THE MOFFATTS.
Because The moffatts I have a friend from overseas, can share their stories with them is fun for me. Many of my friends from the Philippines, and there are also from Malaysia and they are very nice. Never again were friends from Indonesia, because they are very special to me.

I know my friends from the Philippines as a group called TRUE BLUE MOFFATTIAN, I was first introduced to the group by Dewi TBM (a TM fan of Bontang and stay in Surabaya). First impressions go TBM very fun, friends there are very friendly, I love them all. Then I know a lot of TM fans and finally met with Indrie of Citayam and we (Dewi, Tyan, indri) make a Fan page called ICTM (Indonesia Cinta the moffatts) to dedicate our feelings of love for our idol. 

i forgot to tell you about a meeting in frank and sis Indrie in  hotel. Sis Indrie met with dad  frank and we gave picture frames for the moffatts and letters to them (even though they have not until now his reply), but I was happy that  could have the signatures and messages directly from dad frank. Thanks kak Indrie :)

if u want tp watch message from dad frank for indri,tian dan dewi and all parents ,, u can watch this MESSAGE FROM FRANK MOFFATT 

Please visit our fan page ICTM ( indonesia cinta the moffatts )  

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