April 20, 2015

Soon Asia Africa conference will be held in Bandung. Preparation was done with a very steady and perfect.
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The theme will be on sale in the 60th anniversary of the KAA is strengthening, straigthening, south cooperation. and wants the south cooperation is also to contribute to efforts to promote peace and prosperity of the world.
The series of events planned include an internal meeting between representatives of the country on 19-23 April 2015 in Jakarta. The plan begins high-level meeting, followed by the ministerial meeting, and ended with a meeting of heads of state / government.

And the peak of the event will be located in Bandung, Gedung Merdeka precisely in what is now called as Building Africa Asia. The building is the location where the first Asian-African Conference held in 1955. And there are also some other big event to be held in Bandung like Carnival Africa Asia and Africa Asia Business Forum.

Ridwan Kamil as the Mayor BANDUNG plans to impose a holiday on 24 April 2015 to the citizens of Bandung can join in the celebrations. He said that no less than 15 national-level events will be arranged towards the summit warning in Bandung. In the event that will be held human rights conference and technology. It also will invite the CEO of the business world.
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There will be a parade of more than 100 participating countries were performed with national costumes accompanied by music of each country, they will show their own culture. Asian-African Conference this year was colored a lot of music and color, would be very memorable. President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, stated that this is the perfect moment for the world to remember that Indonesia has played an important history in the history of the world. He hopes that the 60th anniversary of the Asian-African Conference can turn it and demanded that all parties can prepare Warning Asian-African Conference (KAA) 60th well.

Asian-African Conference in Bandung achieved good success in formulating a common problem, prepare the operational guidelines of cooperation between countries of Asia and Africa, as well as create order and peace in the world. The results of the meeting became known as the "10 Ten Principles of Bandung" where in it contains reflects respect for human rights, sovereignty of all nations, and world peace.

Upon agreement of the Asian-African Conference in Bandung prepared, one by one countries in Asia and Africa to fight and gain independence. It is also likely to diminish the stronghold of West Block intentions like the UK, the Netherlands, France and Spain to continue the occupation in the form of neocolonialism.

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