Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Truths Women Have to Learn the Hard Way

1. You have a good girl and a bad girl inside you, and the good girl is usually the one who gets you into trouble.

The good girl waits to be called on. She takes no for an answer. She doesn't want to disturb anyone. She carries maturity and good citizenship to the point of paralysis. She holds herself in check, tells herself, "Don't you dare." The bad girl dares. The bad girl shocks me,

20 Ways to Make Her Fall in Love

Anyone who’s experienced heartbreak knows that there’s no magic formula for making someone fall in love with you. (Or in some cases, back in love with you). However, you can up your chances of making that special lady swoon by following a few of these simple tips.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

English Day

Every Thursday, in Bandung  is always devoted the English language. The new regulations were made ​​by Mr. Ridwan Kamil. 

i think ... this rule is very good, getting used to the english language , may not be well should be, dont u think?