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Friday, November 8, 2013

see u in heaven Nana Moffatt

The news was hurt and feeling like I was, for some reason my heart is so very
sad when heard the news of her death. I did not know her never even met her, but heart feels so close bond.

Nana hopefully get beautiful places there. Nana now has left us all, but I'm sure the positive charm remains always stands beside us all, because nana is a very precious lady for her family.

We will always miss you Nana, we will always pray for Nana ...


So beautiful smile
Could paralyze the hearts of everyone
Beautiful woman with a sweet smile
That Dorothy "Nana'' Moffatt

your Existence ..
Is a boon for the family
And goings ...
Very sad carve hearts in all your family and friends

Nana ...
Although you are gone
But it was not able to remove
Your beautiful charm lifetime

Nana ...
All the prayers we offer for you
So nana always placed
A beautiful place

Nana ...
Look at those who cry for you
Not because they were sad
But they are not willing to lose the woman as wonderful as you
It's just that they are not yet ready

Nana ...
You're so beautiful
beautiful rainbow
Nana has now been rested
His right hand

See you in heaven Nana ... We always love you ( Indonesia Cinta The Moffatts " ICTM " familly ) 

Deep condolence for Frank Moffatt, uncle Bill, Scott moffatt, Bob moffatt , clinton moffatt , Dave moffatt , Amanda Ziecshang moffatt, yuni astuti and all moffatt family ...

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